Taking Stock Q4 (October to December 2018)

I hope it’s not too late to recap on the year that I had in 2018!,or at least the final three months of it.Happy new year y’all!Wohoo!It’s 2019!!!

Loving:Travel!Who doesn’t?I loved loved my trip to Sweden and Denmark in October.That was definitely the highlight of my year.I also did Diani as soon as I came back and Mombasa for cross over at the end of the year.I intend to do more travel in 2019,especially local travel because Kenya is a beauty!


👆🏽One of the lakes in Sweden.They are too many!This becomes total ice during winter and people literally walk on water to cross to the other side😜

Diani is magic eey😊

Enjoying:The satisfaction that comes with indulging in different out of the norm things that I would normally not

Loving:Peace of  Mind :Oooh man!This is everything.Everything

Feeling:Everything.Every single thing.

Excited: About some amazing things lined up for 2019!

Learning:That prayer works.

Realizing:That love doesn’t have to be a fight.It can be a quiet silence.

Listening :To music!New soul-y music that I can actually hear the words and think about them

Missing:My mum.Damn,I miss just rushing to Kitengela over the weekend to see her or meeting her up after church and forcing her to buy me mandazi …Or calling her whenever without first checking my wifi connection or data balance😪Now to see her I have to take at least a 16 hour journey.But I am so so excited that she is finally living her life for herself exactly how she had intended to!Go mama!


Isn’t she lovely☺️🥰❤️

Waiting:On my new apartment building to be completed!Wohoo!I cannot wait to finally move to a new place!

Trusting:God for some amazing great things this year.keep following for updates?

Needing:To revamp my kitchen because in 2019 we are cooking and shit🤔

Deciding:What to do with my hair

Realizing:My face is an ungrateful B!What the fuck though,where the love go?

Reading:Becoming by Mitchel Obama-I am reading really slowly which is so unlike me.I think I am losing the reading bug.Maaan!

Watching:Nothing really…Gosh I am growing old!I have no patience to sit down and watch anything anymore.Somebody take me to the movies?Always?Anyone?No?

Wishing:There was a break to adulting!

Learning:That you can’t pour from an empty cup.Take care of you, first

Hoping:That I return to Denmark!They sell liquor on the streets y’all!And it’s hella cheap!But then again,how much can I really drink?🙄lol


Wondering:Why Embassy’s are convinced that we all are desperate to move to their country’s!Like🙄🙄🙄We actually really really love our Countries.And we especially love Africa ,just so you know!

Liking:How calm I am becoming

Embracing:30’s!!I feel like I have been so free since I turned 30!Like I am doing me unapologetically and I give less shits about people’s opinions of me!And that my dear friends,is the ish.

Considering:Maybe having a kid on my own??because men…🤦🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️

Amazed:At how much I am loving my new church!Every time I attend church I feel so blessed and happy and positive!I love my new church for real for real.

Below is part of the oldest church in Sweden.So pretty👇🏾


Noticing:That people are going through so so much.Let’s be nicer and more polite to people eey?

Disliking:Assumptions about people and things.Related to above point.We can intentionally be less judgmental and get off our high horses because everyone is fighting their own demons

Pondering:Over how much a healthy working environment is an ignored factor by most,while reality is that a toxic work environment can literally kill you-case guy who jumped off the 17th floor allegedly because of work pressures…

Crossing Fingers:That 2019 will be my best year yet!

Let’s do this again!!!

Love and Light.







Taking Stock Quarter 3 (July -September) 2018

OMG time 😩😫😩😫!

We have literally three more months to go and 2018 is done!

What have been up to the last three months🤔

Working:Like a mad woman!I have worked so hard this year and I am absolutely in love with my job.Honestly,I have this amazing relationship with my job which is a combination of learning,challenges ,getting out of my comfort zone,failing,trying again and growth.

Loving:Travel to Kakuma and Dadaab ,this year more than ever because,sunshine!What the hell happened to the weather in Nairobi this year!And especially this last quarter!

Smelling:Like Pleasure by Estee Lauder-Absolutely love.Kenzo Amour which is my daily scent I am currently loving. Lanuit Tressor which is my going out scent and Fantasy by Brittney Spears which is my mix it up scent.I know,I went all out but a girl gatta smell good. No?

Trying:Dieting.I tried the Keto diet that everyone has been raving about and I loved it!Of course now I am off it because ,vacation 😋😋!Having no carbs,heavy proteins and veggies seemed to work for me amazingly.No hunger pangs AT ALL!Definitely getting back on it when I get back home.

Enjoying:Vacationing! I needed this so so bad!I am literally sleeping all day and taking walks because also,I am eating like crazy😂🤣

Thinking:About friendships.My circle, and the energies I allow into my space.I don’t make friends easily because I protect my space with everything but ever so often,you will meet someone that will completely ,literally turn your life upside down.

Changing:Churches!I will write about this in an entire blog but my family had to change the church we have gone to for over twenty years because shit just started going all kinds of crazy wrong!Be careful about church,pastors and religion ya’ll!

Learning:To chill out about my life views.Nothing is cast in stone.Stop judging,live  life,be open minded.I have learnt so much in the last three months simply by going with the flow,and I have had some of the most amazing times of my life!

Following:Yummy mummy on you tube!She.gives.me.life!Of course I am still absolutely obsessed with Joanna Kinuthia.

Reading:Slower.I haven’t been faithful in reading this quarter.I traveled too much for work and I have been exhausted😨😴😪

Experiencing:New things,new places,new vibes.

Considering:That I might actually be a cat person🤔🤔🤔

Realizing:I cant v-log!😂😂😂

Listening:To a lot more music.Especially millennial’s music.It’s kinda cool.Also I don’t get the craze for podcasts.I have trouble listening to someone go on and on🤷🏾‍♀️

Spending:Quality time with my family especially my mum and bro.

Mixed feelings:Over the fact that my mum is now officially moved to Sweden and it will be just me and bro in Nairobi.Yikes!However,She is so happy and this has been a long time coming!

Noticing:How happy I am when I travel.Definitely planning to invest more into it.

Wanting:To be the best version of myself on a daily.I have put in so much work the last couple of years but it’s still work in progress.

Dreading:A relationship.Like, how will I get used to someone else in my space after getting used to having such a bomb time alone for so long!#Singlepeopleproblems

Planning:To move out of Waiyaki way.Finally!


Looking:Like a professional!I changed my entire wardrobe to have this look that is a mix of casual and official wear and I love it.

Wearing:Heels!I am back baby!

Growing:Older!OMG I am officially 30-something!I had the most epic birthday ever and I am so so grateful.I am exactly where I hoped I would be at this age and I have achieved so so much .So super proud of myself🙏🏾🙏🏾

Redefining:My relationship with God.Not how my mum taught me,not how my pastor thinks it should be,not how society expects it to be but how God and I choose to have it.Making it as personal as it should be.

Grateful:To God,for all that He has done for me and my family.It’s all Him🙏🏾.

Letter to my 20-Something year old Self

Dear young lady,

Put on your seat belt.The ride of your life is about to begin!

Don’t spend too much time Obsessing about the future

Live in the moment.Let the future be.Work at your school work and take it seriously ,party like an animal ,enjoy the levels of energy you have now,it’s downhill from here 😜

No,there is no right age to do anything

Do whatever you want to do when you want to do it.Simple.

Stop Apologizing

You owe no one an explanation for how you live your life.No one.

Listen To Mum

I swear a few years from now you will look back and realize how stupid you were for thinking you know it all.You have no idea about anything and yeah,she is actually ,always, right.Plus she misses her little girl.Speak to her often.


I know you aren’t supposed to be obsessing about the future but please save every coin you can.It will come through for you in ways you can’t even imagine.

You are Beautiful

Your kind of beautiful is the absolutely amazing kind.Your flaws?What flaws?

You will be so heart broken at some point,you will not want to live

Can you believe that in a few years,you wont give a shit about the little heart breaker?Hard to believe ha?.Also,don’t love too hard,trust me,It’s probably not even love at this point.

Define your relationship with God.In Your own terms

Listen to your pastor,but don’t let them run your life.Be free,speak to Him(God) often,He is really cool peeps🙏🏾

Safe Sex,Always

All that talk about ‘I want to feel closer to you’ IS A LIE!Do not compromise,no one is worth risking your life for. Unapologetically own protecting yourself.These are dangerous times to be careless.And No,they are not fine just because they fiiiiine.

Rules?What Rules?

All these rules?Who made them?Let your hair down if you want to,sleep in on Sunday if you feel like,walk barefoot,Kiss a girl…

You will find yourself,Eventually

You are so many layers of awesome that you cant even unravel all of them at once.Enjoy the layers as they come off.One by one.


You will find you have no time to watch anything at some point and you will not know the newest songs😰I swear.It’s true.


I know money is a  struggle now but go on road trips every chance you get.Explore your brain.Read,Read,Read.Find an escape to this small box that you think is your world,it isn’t. There is a whole other world out there.Find it in books until you can physically touch it.

Money will come

Eventually you will have the money.Don’t be greedy.Work honestly and diligently and money will come.

Toxic Friendships are a thing

Be careful,you are at a phase when you will not be as quick to identify fake as you will be later on.Is their energy draining?Always negative?Malicious?Jealous?Cut them off!Don’t even apologize.In the near future,you will find you will have a maximum of five good friends,if you are lucky.

You kinda will never figure life out

There is always going to be a twist.Something fun,something painful,something exciting,something new…Isn’t that the beauty of life though?

30’s will be your best age,yet☺️😜😊

Just saying.

To the girl of my dreams,Mama.

Everyone says their mother is the best.

I believe all of you,I do.

So I will have to go further and explain why I think my mother is extra ordinary.

She has this heart that still puzzles me.

Honestly,how can a human being be capable of putting everyone else first?

She is the most generous human being I have ever met and to date,it still throws me off balance .

You see ,my mother has not always had much.So when I say she is generous,I mean she would share a packet of the only maize flour left with the next person in need.She has educated more kids than I can count,even when our own school fees was never enough.

There is nothing ,growing up,that scared me more than the possibility of ending up with a heart like hers.

I know,sounds selfish.But I didn’t want to be that giving.I didn’t want to let the world have a chance to take advantage of me.

Yet she never looked at it like that,she still doesn’t.

She has a heart that only she can handle.God really does know us well.

And don’t let that confuse you.She is an iron lady!the strongest woman I know!Growing up ,I thought she was a lioness!Every composition I wrote in my lower classes had the word lioness in it,to describe her.

Also,she is stunning!You meet her and the first word that comes to mind to describe her,will be beautiful.I swear,it’s true.Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree eeeh?😜😜

The values she instilled in us,especially in me, as a girl child,is what makes me the strong,hardworking ,self sure woman I am today.

My mum always said to me why not?What do you have to lose?You can do it!There was never room for self doubt even at our poorest,my brother and I never had to justify our situation to anyone.

We knew we were enough,always.She always made it sound like It was just a matter of time and we would have everything we ever wanted,and she was right.

And so ,I have grown up fearing two people.God and my mum.The only two opinions that have ever mattered to me.If God and mum are good ,then I am good.

There is nothing that gives me more joy than to watch God finally answer her prayers.Each and every one of them!Prayers that she has spoken about over and over for years!

Mama,you deserve the world but even more so,you deserve heaven,literally.

If I can be even half the woman you are,I will have achieved something,albeit small.

And btw ,She will see this because she is also lit AF! (She won’t know what AF means,but she might google it)🤦🏾‍♀️

Love of my life,my heart beat,forever my valentines😍😘❤️❤️.


They say home is where the heart is

My heart is in Meru. Chuka to be specific.

Always and forever

They ask where my favorite place in the world is,I say right where my grandfather’s smile is.

They wonder how we are so close with our grandparents,It’s Simple.They raised amazing children with love and care,how can the fruit fall far from the tree?.

My safest place to be is,it’s under my grandmother’s prayers.

The  best name I have ever been called is when my grandfather answers my calls with ‘hello my dear’.My dear, has never sounded so good.

My favorite music ?Have you heard the laughter that comes from the house that hangs on the slopes of the mountain?

Freedom is clean ,green, Meru air.

I could easily get drunk on Meru sour porridge.

I am a girl in love,smitten,absolutely kuku.

Because no matter where I go,No place will ever beat the house on the hill where love and laughter lives.

My heart,my soul,my love.Home.

Dear African Parents,Stop This!

This is for that young African that is paying out a loan but can’t quite remember the last time they ate a proper meal or bought themselves a nice pair of shoes.

I love the African sense of community.I do.However,There is this thing we do as Africans where the one child that ‘makes it’ gets to save the entire village.

It is worse for you if you are a first born!You are literally expected to carry your entire village on your shoulders!What starts off as an innocent helping hand soon turns into an obligation.One more item is added into your budget, though,acquiesced.

You will find yourself educating your uncle’s kids,the uncle that witnessed your birth will suddenly, somehow,believe that it’s your responsibility to educate his kids because the community raised you.

The fact that said uncle, did not at any point in your life,contribute even a plate of food,not withstanding.

Your parents will expect you to help with school fees for your siblings and actually feel entitled to get angry if you have other things to take care of because,how dare you have other things?

They will guilt trip you into sending your last coin home.Now,forgive me ,but I honestly do not think children are raised to raise their siblings.That was not a part of the arrangement,otherwise they would have remained in heaven,or wherever kids come from.

It’s wrong,it’s disheartening ,it’s out right unfair.

Wait for the day you will not have money and the phone calls will start coming in questioning you about the money you haven’t sent for this and that.

See,the thing is ,I don’t think they realize how much damage this does to the child!It destroys them!They are constantly guilty over not having enough money because saying no to a parent that sacrificed everything to get them an education is unfathomable.

The question is,were we supposed to payback?Did we go to school to pay back our dues?Is there a figure we need to know of?

Some of these young people walking around in town ,shoulders slouched looking like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders,is because they do.Literally.

You see ,in Africa,parents play god.And who wants to get the wrath of god?

It’s even worse if it’s your parent asking you to pay school fees for your uncle’s kids or help with that aunt who needs to start a business.It’s up there in the worst forms of betrayal.

Stop making your life plans and other people’s life plans with our bank accounts.Some of these accounts have never had money sit in them for more than three days.

So dear African parents,please let your children develop themselves,let them buy a bed,they have been working for a year and still sleep on a mattress on the floor.

Let them join their peers in exploring their youth ,let the loans they take out be for their own development.

Stop guilt tripping them when they buy or do anything nice for themselves.This is their time.You had your time.

They will help and send money and build houses for you,but can it not be forced out of them?What blessing do they earn when they stress about every coin they have to send home?

And for you my fellow African child,learn to say no.Stand up for yourself and do not be guilt tripped,especially into saving your entire village.

You do not owe them anything!


Of Healthy Living:Exercise,Food,Skin Care,Green tea,Green Juice😨

I have always wanted to start a healthy routine that is easy and comfortable that I can follow without killing myself and have fun while at it.

Finally I got to it at the beginning of this month.Here is what I have been up to.


I wanted a simple exercise routine to work specifically on my stomach area since I am so happy with every other thing that is going on 😜🍑🙈

So I started doing the 7 minute,7 day workout to lose belly fat.I hate on the ground exercises and this had only one so it was very appealing.I added some squats to the routine because 🍑🍑.To be honest the first three days were so hard!but by day four we were touching legs standing straight!


1.Burst of energy

2.No love handles by day five!Whoop whoop

4.General weight loss.I know because my zips go up all the way and my skirts aren’t bursting at the seams, plus who is obsessing about weighing when your clothes can tell you?

6.Almost no cramps!Wohoo!


I wanted to go off bread (I have reduced my intake significantly this year),biscuits,cakes,sodas and beef .I went off sugar sometime last year .Also I can’t go completely carb free but I reduced the intake significantly.Replaced beef with chicken,fish and eggs because the thing with beef is that it doesn’t get digested and it just sits in there rotting.Yuck!

Also,started taking green tea with honey and lemon every night before I slept and first thing in the morning when I woke up.My gut has been in heaven!

Colon Cleanse

Did you know that on average,we are carrying 8-10 pounds (3.5-4.5 kgs) of poop in our colons that has refused to come out?Some of that stomach weight could be poop!!!

I started taking green juice every alternate day,made of simple cheap ingredients like spinach,lemon,green apple,cucumber a splash of dania and pineapple and orange for taste.Still tastes like shit but gut is happy,so I am happy.


I actually start my morning with water.Sometimes I do plain warm water and green tea,other days its just green tea.I take breakfast an hour or two after to give my stomach time to ‘open’ also because I take breakfast at work ,mainly because bachelorette  situation… 😜


1.Glow!glow!glow!!!There is nothing like glowing from within.Even my make up applies easier because the skin underneath is all kinds of glow☺️☺️

2.Healthy gut.No indigestion and feeling bloated,lets just say,There is healthy,very healthy,frequent movement of the bowel lol

3.Improved metabolism

Skin Care

My skin has given me drama for as long as I can remember.I don’t remember ever having a clean flawless skin.So I started doing a sugar and lemon scrub weekly and applying a honey mask every alternate day.

And just last week I started the turmeric+natural yogurt+honey mask on days when I am not on the honey mask ,which is every alternate day ,meaning at least every day I have either a honey or a turmeric mask on and my oh my!Baby bum on my face!

After the masks I tone with a toner or rose water and sleep as I don’t like adding oil to my skin at night.

The obvious skin trick that everyone speaks of has been water all day errday and if you add the green juice?!Aaaahhh!


1.No new breakouts

2.Smooth feel

3.A few years dropped off,I swear some fine lines especially on my forehead are gone!


It sounds like a lot but in these three weeks I have learnt that successful people are really, really consistent and intentional with the things they want to achieve and they put in the work!

I intend to incorporate the routine I have had these last three weeks in my lifestyle especially the morning exercises,reducing my beef intake ,taking lotsa water and the green goodness.

Also,if I don’t intentionally take care of myself,who will?Also,I have one body with no spare parts.

You get the drill😜

Freedom lives here.